It can be quite an exciting time when you first opt to give any of the newly licensed online casino sites found available in New Jersey a try, for hours of fun will be had testing each of them out in regards to the unique casino games they have on offer, and one site that will certainly live up to every online casino players highest expectation is the New jersey State licensed and approved Virgin Casino site.


To ensure all online casino game players can access and play at the Virgin Online Casino site in New Jersey that have made it available as a no download required casino site and the software and gaming platform that powers this must visit casino site is from one of the world leaders, that being the GameSys Gambling Platform.

Featured Slot Games

You are going to find some great slot machines always on offer to you at the online Virgin Casino site, and if it is slot games you really do enjoy playing then why not visit the Virgin Casino site now for you can play any of the following slot machines instantly and for free or for real money and a whole lot more slots are also on offer!

  • Treasures from the Gods – If you are looking up to the sky and praying that the man above is going to help you spin in lots of winning combinations when you log onto play the slot games at the Virgin Casino site ten make sure the slot you play is the Treasure from the Gods slot for your prayers may just be answered!
  • Cats The Cats slot game may not be a slot game to play if you dislike cats! However, you do not need to be a fan of these feline friends to get a great slot playing experience when playing it online, for this multi payline slots which is a 5 reel video slot comes with an exceptionally high payout percentage and that fact alone make it a highly playable online slot machine!
  • Grand Monarch – You are going to be playing a somewhat relaxing type of slot game if you opt to play the Grand Monarch slot this is another brilliant and must play high paying slot which is now available at the Virgin Casino site, give it some play time in the free play mode to see what you make of it and if you like it then why not give it your very best shot in the real money version of the game which pays and pays just like the free play version but any winnings will be yours to keep!
  • Wonders of the Deep – An underwater adventure will be on offer if you get stuck into playing the Wonders of the Deep slot game which is one of many uniquely themed and high paying bonus video slots which are always on offer at the New Jersey State licensed Virgin Casino site.

Card and Table Games

We are now going to give you a quick look at just some of the many different online casino card and table games that you may just enjoy playing should you become a new real money or free guest player at the online Virgin Casino site, and remember multiple different stake levels are offered on all these listed games so finding one t play that suits your budget will be easy!

  • Single Zero Roulette – With Roulette games getting very complicated, well some of the new versions are! There may come a time when all you want to do is to play a low house edge Roulette game variant that offers a basic and normal type of playing sessions without all of the bells and whistles associated with the newer bonus game awarding Roulette games that can be found online, and if this is the case then the game you ought to track down and play at the Virgin Casino site is the classical Single Zero Roulette game.
  • Atlantic City Blackjack – There really is only one Blackjack game variant you will probably be wanting to play if you are in the New Jersey State area and that is the classic game of Atlantic City Blackjack and this variant is one of many games that you are always able to play for free or for real money at the Virgin Casino site.
  • Hi Lo Card Game – One game that is not going to overload your brain with all manner of weird and wonderful nor unique game playing rules is the extremely simple to play Hi Lo card game which is found at the Virgin Casino site, this game is simple to play and all you are required to do is to predict whether the next card dealt is higher or lower than the last card dealt out, how hard can that be?
  • Baccarat – You are always going to find the game of Baccarat very easy to play and this is down to the very limited numbers of betting opportunities that exist on every hand dealt out, with just three ways to bet and three possible outcomes of the game of Baccarat it may become one of your personal favourites if you opt to give it some play time at the Virgin Casino site.

We would like to point out that should you have any questions what so ever in regards to the Virgin Casino site, they have a customer support team who are always on duty and they will quite happily answer any questions that you may have about any single aspect of their online casino operation, their contact details can be found on their website.

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