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You will find plenty of different poker games and more than enough online poker tournaments available to you if you choose to become a new player of the Party Poker site, who we are pleased to announce have been issued with a full online gambling license by the State of New Jersey.

There are plenty of unique reasons why we think you should consider becoming a new player at this excellent and very well run online poker site, so do keep on reading for some of these reasons, then give their website visit for more information on what they will offer you by way of a sign up bonus as a new customer of theirs!

Poker Software and Poker Platform

You will soon be able to be online and playing at this poker site for it will only take you a couple of minutes to sign up as a new player and then you will be able to access any of the free to play or real money poker games or even take part in any of the many poker tournaments offered.

The software utilized is the Bwin Poker Platform on this poker site and that will mean you are always given the option of accessing the poker games and poker tournament via either an in-browser instant play variant of the poker site or if you prefer you can download the entire poker software and poker playing platform on your computer and launch it whenever you want to play!

Poker Games Available

Most poker players like to stick rigidly to one type of poker game when playing online or in a land based poker venue, however when playing at this leading poker site you will have quite a number of different poker games on offer to you, and three of them are listed below.

  • Pot Limit Omaha – There are a couple of different Pot limit Poker game variants on offer at this poker site the first is the very easy to play game of Omaha Poker.
  • Pot Limit Hold’em – Should you be seeking a more classical type of poker game Pot Limit variant to play then you should have hours of fun playing the Pot Limit Hold’em game of which there are plenty of open tables waiting for you at this poker site.
  • Fixed Limit Hold’em – One very popular poker game variant that is sure to be of interest to plenty of online poker player is the Fixed Limit Hold’em game and this is yet another poker game you can easily and readily play at the Party Poker New jersey online poker site.

Poker Tournaments

When it comes to accessing plenty of must play in poker tournaments then you really should sign up and start to use this poker site, for there are plenty of both free to enter and paid to entre online poker tournaments always on offer to you, and as such do have a good look through those poker tournaments we have highlighted below for you all of which are currently available at various times of the day and night.

  • NJ Next Poker Millionaire Poker Tournament – You could be seriously in the money if you opt to take part in the NJ Next Poker Millionaire Poker Tournament offer at this poker site, for you could win your entry into the main poker event completely free of charge, and as it is a free to enter satellite type of poker tournament you really have no excuse not to give it a try!
  • WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open – Another set of free to enter poker tournaments that every online poker player should be interested in taking part in are the Borgata Winter Poker Open, you will need to be online and available to play between the hours of 7.30pm and 9.30pm to take part in this tournament, so make sure you pencil in one night of the week when you can take your chance against the other poker players queuing up to play!
  • Sunday Majors Poker Tournaments – As every poker player wishing to play and take part in poker tournaments will have their own playing budget, then it really ought to be the Sunday Majors that are of interest to you, played as the name does suggest every Sunday you are going to find a wide and very diverse range of different poker tournaments that are going to suite every poker players poker budget!
  • Daily Majors Poker Tournaments – If you cannot set aside any time on a Sunday to take part in the above poker tournaments, then fear not for this fully licensed and regulated New Jersey State licensed online poker site have a wide and very diverse range of Daily Major Poker Tournaments that are up and running every single day of the week, and with varying entry fees and buy ins you will easily be able to find plenty of them that appeal to you and your online poker playing budget!

If any of the above poker tournaments or any of the above poker game variants are of interest to you then please do make your way over to the New jersey Party Poker site for that is where you are going to find a wealth of information on each of the poker games and poker tournaments on offer.

If you have never played poker in the online poker playing environment then by visiting their website you will find full step by step guides on how to access and play their many different poker games and how to enter and take part in any of their online poker tournaments.

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