New Jersey Politicians Plan To Introduce A Bill Supporting Sports Betting

Chris Christie- and Ray LesniakChris Christie, the New Jersey Governor announced that sports betting should be made legal within his state and with the support from other politicians they have decided to draft a bill that will back up the governor.

The new bill is aimed at removing restrictions against accepting wagered on sports at New Jersey racetracks and land based casinos. However, the bill will remain unsigned until it approaches the veto deadline at which the bill will become law.

Ray Lesniak, New Jersey State Senator and outspoken gambling proponent announced that he will introduce legislation that supports sports betting in New Jersey and this bill will eliminate the harsh rules imposes on racetracks or Atlantic City casinos making them accept sports betting from clients.

The introduction of the bill will stop further legal challenges drawn by other opponents and it will be seen as a way of boosting revenue in New Jersey. New Jersey has suffered in the past years and the introduction of the new bill is set to revive New Jersey’s economy. However, those directly opposing the move include the federal government and major sports leagues.

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