Amaya Gaming Platform: Play Exclusive Games On NJ Sites

Amaya GamingHaving the ability to play as many different casino games as is possible when you decide to play at one of the newly licensed and regulated online casinos available to anyone within the New Jersey State boundaries is going to be dependent on just which casino site you opt to play at and more importantly the gambling platform that casino uses, one that is going to impress you is the Amaya Gambling Platform a review of which can be found below.

Online Gaming Sites using the Amaya Gaming Platform

Caesars Casino This is currently the only online casino site that is utilizing the Amaya Gambling Platform, and as such you are going to be guaranteed of finding a very unique and exclusive range of online casino games that are not available anywhere else online.
Types of Amaya Gaming Platforms

At this moment in time you can access and play the range of Amaya online casino games on any PC or any Mac device, we are pleased to report that they are soon to be launching a mobile gaming platform, and as such you will soon additionally be able to play their games on your mobile device or cell phone. The Amaya Gambling Platform s a no download required suite of instant playing games.

Casino and Poker Games Available

If there is one outstanding feature that the Amaya Gambling Platform can offer you it is a massive range of instant playing casino games. Many online casino players demand the biggest range of high paying games when they opt to play online and below you will find a comprehensive overview of all of the many different categories of games offered whenever you choose to play for free or for real money at the above listed casino using the Amaya Gambling Platform.

  • Slot Games – Ask yourself just what type of slot machines you like playing more than any other, and then get on over to the casino sites that are utilizing the Amaya Gambling Platform for we can guarantee that when you do you are going to find plenty of slot games that are going to appeal to you.

    The main difference when playing online slot games is that you can always test drive them for free before making a decision on which slots to play for real money, so if you are thinking of playing slots that you haven’t played before, set aside a free play gaming session and put all of the new slots you are going to come across to the test!

  • Poker Games – Whilst you are not going to be able to play against other poker players when logged into an online casino using the Amaya Gambling Platform, what you are going to be able to do is to play a very impressive and diverse range of casino poker games.

    If you have never experienced the delights of playing casino card games either online or in a land based venue then you really ought to give these games some play time, for thanks to a series of bonus payouts that can be awarded to you when playing them for being dealt certain hand combinations, you could see a very small and modest stake being turned into a massive winning payout.

  • Roulette Games – The best graphics you are going to find on the Amaya range of Roulette games is going to give you by far and away the best playing experience, you will not have to struggle to see the Roulette ball spinning around the wheel nor will you have to struggle to place your bets and wagers onto the Roulette tables betting layout, for all of their Roulette games available online are very user friendly.
  • Blackjack Games – Before you play Blackjack online always have a look at the different Blackjack game variants that are available, and compare the payouts, game playing rules and ultimately the house edges of the games you will come across, for by doing this you will always then be able to make an informed decision on which are the best games to play, and we are more than confident that the Amaya Gambling Platforms range of online Blackjack games will offer you some of the lowest house edges found anywhere online.
  • Card Games – You are always going to find more than enough casino card games to play for free or as a real money player when playing on the Amaya Gambling Platform and you are not going to find a better range of games to play than theirs.

    They have been designed to play and pay perfectly and with plenty of different stake options always on offer you will be able to tailor your casino card game playing sessions exactly how you like them, and this will ensure you get the maximum playing pleasure.

Fair Games

It really does not matter at which online casino that has been approved by the New Jersey State you are guaranteed of being able to access fair and random game. The licensing and approval procedure does include game testing and every single game offered by the Amaya Gaming Platform has been certified as being fair.

You will also find that the free to play games play and pay in the same way as the real money games, as approved gambling platform suppliers are not permitted to increase the payouts on free to play games to give the impression the real money games are more generous than they really are!

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