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As you will be aware if you are living or visiting the New Jersey State area there are now a small yet growing number of online poker sites that you can now perfectly legally play real money as well as free to play poker games, and one of these sites is the very popular 888 Poker site, that has been designed to give everyone with a passion for playing poker one of the very best online poker playing experiences.

You are not only able to play a number of different poker games in a cash table type format, but thanks to the 888 Poker sites growing number of poker tournaments you can now additionally play in all manner of different poker tournaments which include freeroll poker tournaments and many different paid to enter online poker tournaments which offer some large and often guaranteed prize pools.


The 888 Poker sites collections of poker games and poker tournaments are available via a fully downloadable 888 Gambling Platform and as such you will have to spend a minute or so downloading and installing the software onto your computer.

However it will be worth the very short wait for once downloaded you will find enhanced graphics and a very easy to navigate interface is on offer and plenty of poker games and poker tournaments will then be readily available to you whenever you wish to play poker online from within the New Jersey State boundaries.

Poker Games Available

If there is one thing that the 888 Poker site will always offer you whenever you choose to log on to play is a wide range of open and ready and waiting poker tables for you to play at, and below we have listed their currently available poker game variants that you will be able to test out for free or can instantly play for real money.

Should you wish to play any of the following games for real money then now would be a very good time to registers at a new player from New Jersey, for they are giving away a free sign up bonus to all newly registered poker players and for details of this new player bonus offer simply visit their website and all will be revealed to you on their website, so make sure you o take a look as that bonus is going to get you off to a great start with plenty of additional poker playing chips placed in your 888 Poker account!

  • Texas Hold’em – The game of Texas Hold’em Poker is available to every single player at the 888 Poker site and this is the world’s most popular poker game which means plenty of fellow poker players will be waiting online to take you on!
  • Omaha High – Should you fancy playing a different poker game variant that the one above then do consider playing the Omaha Poker game variant, you should soon be able to pick up how this game works, and if you have never played it before a complete playing guide is on offer at the 888 Poker site.
  • Omaha Hi/Lo – This game is one of which there are two different pots to be won, one if going to be instantly won by the player holding the lowest poker hand and the other is going to be awarded to the player with the highest ranked poker hand.
  • 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo – You are also going to be able to readily access and play another very popular poker game variant when playing at the 888 Poker site and this is the game of 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo Poker, this is another very easy to learn poker game variant and one that offers plenty of fun and entertainment whenever you opt to play it online.

Poker Tournaments

It goes without saying that a poker site as large as the 888 Poker site is going to offer their entire player base plenty of different poker tournaments, and below you will find a listing of some of them that are going to always be on offer to you when you log onto the 888 Poker site.

  • Sit and Go Poker Tournaments – As you can enter Sit and Go Poker Tournaments at any time of your own choosing you will not have to be online at a certain time to guarantee you can access them, so simply register to take part and in no time at all once enough players have also register then you will be taken straight to the tournament tables and these tournaments will then begin.
  • Multi Table Poker Tournaments – For the best poker tournament playing experience and the chance to win some very large prize pools then it will be the 888 Multi Table Poker Tournaments that you should be looking to take part and play in, you will find plenty of them on offer at the 888 Poker site so do take a look at their poker tournament schedule to find one or more of them that will interest you!
  • Deep Stack Poker Tournaments – There are several Deep Stack Poker Tournaments offered regularly at the 888 Poker site and if these are your preferred type of poker tournaments to play in then you are never going to go short in regards to when you can play them.
  • Freeroll Poker Tournaments – One type of poker tournament that will have plenty of fans and people wishing to take part in them are of course the Freeroll Poker tournaments and one thing is guaranteed at the 888 Poker site and that is there are plenty of Freeroll tournaments always on offer to new and existing poker players.
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